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Questions About Automatic Renewal

What is Craft Club Automatic Renewal?

Your membership will be renewed automatically on an annual basis.Back to Top

Why is Ideal Shopping Direct using the Automatic Renewal Service program?

To make it easier for our club members to renew their memberships.Back to Top

What products are eligible for the Automatic Renewal Service?

Currently, only club membership.Back to Top

Are all customers eligible for Automatic Renewal?

Yes.Back to Top

How do I enroll for Automatic Renewal?

You can enroll at the time of purchase of a new club membership.Back to Top

How do I know if I am enrolled in Automatic Renewal?

It will be included on your welcome email.Back to Top

When will the Automatic Renewal occur?

At the end of your subscription term, which is 12 months. A renewal notification will be sent to you 21 days beforehand, informing you that we will be taking payment from you on the date your membership expires.Back to Top

I received an email informing me that Ideal Shopping Direct is unable to automatically renew my subscription due to invalid payment information. What do I do? What if I do nothing?

You will need to contact customer services and purchase a new product. If you do nothing, your subscription will end on expiry date.Back to Top

How do I update or use a different credit card?

You will need to contact customer services with your revised card details.Back to Top

How soon will I see the charges on my credit card statement?

This will appear the same as any other transactions.Back to Top

What does this transaction look like on my credit card statement?

It will be from Ideal Shopping Direct.Back to Top

How do I know if my subscription is automatically renewed?

You will receive a renewal confirmation email confirming this.Back to Top

How do I check my subscription status?

You can check your account at any time on the website or contact customer services.Back to Top

I received the Automatic Renewal confirmation email; do I need to keep it for any reason?

You can keep it for your records, but you do not need to.Back to Top

How do I cancel my Automatic Renewal?

Put your instructions in writing and send to Create and Craft Club Manager, Ideal Shopping Direct Plc, Ideal Home House, Newark Road, Peterborough, PE1 5WG.Back to Top

Is there a "cooling off" period after Automatic Renewal?

There is no cooling off period, however, if you wish to cancel, there will be no fee application. If you cancel within 7 days you will receive a full refund; if you cancel between 7-28 days you will receive a 50% refund. After 28 days, no refund will be given.Back to Top

What if I do not cancel my Automatic Renewal in time?

If you cancel after renewal and within 7 days, you will receive a full refund.Back to Top

Will Ideal Shopping Direct use my email address for marketing purposes?

Not if you've opted out of receiving marketing information. This can be done in your account.Back to Top

Can I "opt out" of Automatic Renewal at my time of purchase?

Yes you can. You will be advised of Automatic Renewal and given the option to opt-out when you purchase.


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